International Youth Summit
The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Participants Linnankosken Lukio, Porvoo - Finland
  Pius X-College, Bladel - Netherland
  Stedelijk College, Eindhoven - Netherland
  Eijkhagen College, Landgraaf - Netherland
  Campion High School, Mumbai
  St. Peters School, Panchgani
  Chowgule College, Goa

The Spandan Youth Summit aims at harnessing and harvesting ideas from the community of soon to be young adults - ideas that are capable of being shaped into concrete policy actions that secure the biosphere.

The meet will encourage youngsters to transcend individual differences in cultures, beliefs and practices, and to develop a broader, united worldview of the climate change scenario. Participants would fetch the messages of declaration to their homeland.

The Programme

Participating in the Spandan Youth Summit 2008 are students from European Colleges and Indian Schools

The participating colleges from Europe are

The participating schools from India are

The Spandan Youth Summit which culminates at the Spandan Eco Foundation, Panchgani is being coordinated by two lead schools - Campion High School, in South Mumbai from where the Summit begins and St. Peter's School will manage the Panchgani part of the program at the Spandan Eco Foundation.

Assisting St.Peters and SEF in this initiative as a valuable resource is the ABEL Foundation, Mumbai formed by a group of college students in Mumbai with passion to bring a change in society.

Spandan Youth Summit is to start pulsating energies in shaping our corner of the planet - and in turn being shaped by the natural & social environment - including urban & rural youth. The Spandan Youth Summit is a student driven programme as we believe it is their thoughts and the actions that flow from them that will stop climate chaos. The younger generation has no alternative - else risk the end of birth - which is called extinction - thousands of species have already disappeared... When that happens in a bioregion with a bewildering spectrum of bio-diversity it becomes a hotspot. And Spandan Eco Foundation is in the heart of one of the hotspots of bio-diversity on the planet - located on the shoulder of the highest points on our Western Mountain Ranges.