The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani

The Idea

"ABEL Foundation” is a thought much more than an organization.
It has taken up an initiative of creating awareness about the issue of climate change and to sensitize people about the effects our choices have made on environment.

Though interested in dealing with a wide variety of issues, our major area of work has been Climate Change……….

We plan to make citizen groups aware and bring about changes by adopting eco-friendly lifestyles, reducing consumerism, initiating and supporting conservation activities.

We plan to spread the thought through our interaction

The goal is not simply creating awareness, but to follow it up with focused attention and action.

The Vision

BE the change to SEE the change

Abel wishes to create a student’s movement concerning imperative social and environmental apprehensions.

We deal very closely with personal choices that we, as individuals, make, and the way these choices affect and threaten not only our very own existence on the planet but also plays menace with all life forms that play a vital role in web of life of ecosystems that support earth.  We search a solution. We investigate our survival as a Human race…we wish to save earth…we yearn to live.........We hope to make Earth "A Better Environment to Live"

Research proposals on bio-diversity in and around Spandan will be handled by these youth, in conjunction with European delegates
They will also be documenting Spandan specific flora / fauna / Indian & Global ecological issues and coordinating protocol issues between SEF & BNHS
They will adopt a grassroot, "bottom - up" approach to secure viable & sustainable Institutional partnerships / cooperation.

The Team

Hemanth G. Tripathi

I am a passionate wildlife lover for whom nature holds a special place. I observe earth to be stunning phenomena. Every little mystery of nature surprises and amazes me, and I love each bit of it. And through that love, emerges a deep desire to share and spread nature’s gifts, to reach out to others and help them see what today seems invisible… and this is perhaps what makes me very communicative.
At 23, I have grown to be quite ambitious. And I have a dream........

"Of life blossoming in an environment clean and pure, of sharing nature’s secrets, and of a love for nature, being born in every heart."

E-mail -


Prachi Salvi

A 21 year old, Chemistry graduate with passion for nature and environment.
An adventure fanatic with panache for writing and reading.
I am always eager to discover and learn new concepts surrounding the existence and survival of our beautiful planet… .
 I enjoy exploring the wilderness in my spare time
Besides, I use IT and Internet skills to help ABEL communicate with people…

I form an e-bridge to make ABEL more accessible to youth


Shweta Shukla

Advertising neophyte, curious adventurer and people seeker.
At 22, a robust dream to see, experience and take on...
Be it world. Be it words...

At ABEL I look after Public Relations…a special task, to get enlightened and to spread the light...light of words...Light that shows a way of life ahead of mundane lifestyles where survival is granted.
I smile for what I had, I feel good for what still remains.
Its time I found what needs to not just ‘remain’ but protected…my mother Earth.

A caterpillar today can see tomorrow...
I can see thousands of them fluttering in the glorious sunshine!
It’s about time… Its spring.



Mansi Nikam

A 21 year old botanist, an animator in bud stage and a libertarian to the core, I happen to possess myriad interests like painting, traveling, adventure sports,designing,writing and…. day dreaming….if that counts.

Colours, designs and nature are an insurmountable joie de vivre for me.
I love to be in harmony in nature even if it demands climbing high altitudes with a rucksack on the back.

I respect uniqueness to the extreme and hence abhor discrimination.
My soul is an abode of HOPE and I dream of seeing it in the eyes of the children, in the deeds of the youth and in the hearts of the elderly, someday.
Yes …..I am selfish that way!



Ruchi Mhasane

I am 21 year old artist, who find pleasure in the little beauties of nature...and I think it’s far great to be able to love nature than be able to understand all her secrets and try to study them. And  if we learn to love unconditionally, peace invariably follows.
 I strongly  feel we are capable of having a sensitive, peaceful world. I believe we at ABEL can create a massive revolution to bring in little changes that will help us subsist quiet enriching and happy living. We have reached a point in time where we can cross all boundaries and act as one single worldwide community, sharing, discussing and deciding the best thing for our only home…THE EARTH