The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Participants of Campion High School, Mumbai
Hussain Patel
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Hi! I am Hussain Patel.I am 14 years old I study in Campion school and I am interested in anything that’s not interesting. I like iron maiden (they are not anti-Christ), GnR and Pink Floyd.I like writing stupid stuff that does not draw any attention (that was sarcasm). Well I am really waiting to see you all and I hope this adventure is one big sucesssssssss.I can also be found on face book........

Manav Mehta
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Hi im Manav Mehta. Im 15 yrs old and study in Campion. Im a BIG fan of MANCHESTER UNITED and I love to play football. I love chatting with my friends and love play Table Tennis. I like to hang around with my frenz...and im really waiting to meet all of you all..if you want to contact me , you can add me on facebook and chat with me on email id is
Manthan Gala
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Hi, my name is Manthan. I am 14 years old. I love all kinds of sports like cricket, basketball, carom, table tennis, etc, soccer being my best. I am a big fan of Manchester United. I also like music, reading stories and other co-curricular activities like debates, impromptu, elocution, singing, dancing, acting, cycling, etc. I love nature and animals. I love adventures like rock climbing, rappelling, rafting, river and valley crossing, etc, relating to nature. I have a great interest in all the secrets of nature and our Mother Earth, which is in great danger due to our foolish human (actually inhuman) activities. I am looking forward to this camp and to interact with you’ll on this issue.
Sahil Shah
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I am Sahil Shah, 14 yrs old, from Campion School, Mumbai. I like watching T.V., reading novels, playing cricket, basketball, videogames and I am also interested in music and art.
Anant Visaria
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Hi, i am anant. for me at this moment environmental issues like global warming are more dangerous than terrorism because for these env. problems we can only blame ourselves. this is the serious side of me but i also posess a fun loving side. i enjoy spending time with my friends. in sports i love basket ball. i also love laughing and being happy. i also love interacting with others and therefore to findout about me contact me at (its a really funny id iknow.....) one more thing my frnds do make a lot of fun of me but then thats just a part of life so i dont get offended. so this lookin forward to talk to you'll soon.....
Vineet Pareikh
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Hi I`m vineet parekh and I study in the 9th standard in Campion School.I love watching movies and a lot of television ilike listening to music also but its mostly Indian.Im also pretty fond of reading books and Jeffrey Archer and Dan Brown are among my fovourites.My favourite pastimes are playing video games football & basketball.Though we have 11 subjects I love maths and science.My favourite food is potatoes and pizzas and sweets. I`m not exactly a nature freak but I am concerned about our deterioting environment and is this entire program enthralls me.Really excited to meet everyone out there.
Sarthak Biswas
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Hi! This is sarthak nice to meet you guys!I feel really privileged to be a part of this youth summit
a rare opportunity for students!
For us enjoyment is not just spending hours together at a cyber cafe(which me and my friends usually do lol)
or spending time at a cafe coffee day outlet nearby
its rock climbing,hiking,trekking,going for camps organised by our school to hillstations and getting a chance to be one with nature!As for my likes: I am a rock music addict,video games
like warcraft,need for speed and fifa are some of my favoirites I like football alot
,tennis,table tennis,badminton and recently started to learn how to play squash.
Its going to be great having you guys in our school(even if its for a couple of days :D)
Looking forward to meeting you guys in person! Adios amigos!

Jonathan Mendonca

Hi, I'm Jonathan Mendonca
I am from Campion School, Mumbai. Music is a major part of my life. I listen to basically everything. I hav two brothers, who were responsible for me learning the guitar. Since then the guitar has never left my side. I am 15yrs old. Physics is my favourite subject. I play alot of sports like basketball, badminton and football. I rollerblade and cycle too. I enjoy debates, impromptu, extempos and other speaking events. In my spare time, although i have very little since this is my final year at school, i catch up with my friends. Its extremely busy in Mumbai. I'm really looking to meet to meet the people fromFinland and Denmark as I've never been to Europe. Although I've been to panchgini before, I'm keen on visiting again.
Looking foward to meet everyone at panchgani.

Khoshrav Doctor
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My name is Khoshrav doctor. I am a student of the 9th standard in Campion school, Mumbai and am 14 years old. I enjoy going on treks and camps a lot. I really like reading fiction books. I enjoy playing judo and basketball with my friends. I like acting and listening to music. I also enjoy cycling, assembling computers and playing games on them and watching movies. Food is my passion. I enjoy not only eating it but cooking it also.

Amar Kamat
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Hey this is Amar Kamat. I am 15 years of age and an adventurous person.I believe in achieving my goals and doing it with perfection. I love talking about environmental issues as it is affecting us. I mainly love hindi music but also love listening to Linkin Park as well as Iron Maiden. In sports I love football, cricket and love watching F1 racing. I support Chelsea Football Club. I am most of the time on the internet researching new stuff. I love watching Travel and Living channel. I love my life and love making new friends. Looking forward to meet u all in Panchgani.
If you like to contact me my e-mail id is