The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Participants of Eijkhagen College, Landgraaf
Jill Kölgens
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Jill is 15 and her birthday is on the 27th of August.
She lives in Landgraaf, and she likes travelling.
She’s really nice and she’s very smart.
When she heard of the internship to India she was immediately enthusiastic (her mother was less but here she is!) because of the culture in India.
She works hard at school, because she wants to pass her exams with an average of 7,5.
Her goal is to become a doctor (although we’re not sure if it is because of the cutting in people..)
Jill is very sportive; she’s into gymnastics and she teaches small children as well.
She takes good care of her horse, and she loves horse-riding as well.
She works in the flowershop of her parents.
Jill can be really bossy and stressy, if she thinks things won’t be finished before a deadline (and it can be seen as good thing as well, depending on who you work with).

Maroucha Veerman
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Maroucha is 14 and her birthday is on the 9th of August.
She lives in Landgraaf, and she likes travelling as well.
Maroucha is a sweet girl, and she’s always there for her friends.
She works hard at school most of the time too, although she has the same problem as many others have: at the end of the year you don’t feel like learning anymore.
She’s a dancer, and she’s really good at it.
You can always have fun with Maroucha.
Her goal is to became a surgeon, and we never expected this because she doesn’t seem a girl to us who likes blood and cutting in people.
Maroucha likes being right, and can be really bossy too (we still see it as a kind of good thing, because some people just need to be told what to do!).


Tessa Janssen
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Tessa is 15 and her birthday is on the 7th of November.
She lives in Eijgelshoven, and she loves travelling a lot.
She wants to make a trip around the world after high school, and work and travel at the same time (if it works out.. we’ll see).
Tessa likes partying, reading and writing poems and stories, but (you wouldn’t expect it) she’s really shy when it comes to reading them out. Probably because she thinks the poems/stories won’t be liked by others. She works hard at school too.
What she wants to be later is not sure yet, she thought of becoming a doctor but that changed suddenly. Now her goal is to become either a psychologist or to (still) become some kind of doctor.
Tessa sometimes doesn’t take things or people as serious as she should (but you can see this is a good thing as well because people who take life with humour get far) and she can be really stubborn.