The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Schools and Colleges from Europe

Linnankosken Lukio, Porvoo, Finland | View Participants

logoLinnankosken Lukio ( Linnankoski Upper Secondary School ) is one of the biggest general upper secondary schools in Finland with about 600 students aged from 16 to 19 years. We are following the national Finnish curriculum of general upper secondary education which is based on courses. The school year is divided into five periods. Each student follows a personal study plan . To complete the entire upper secondary syllabus requires a minimum of 75 courses which consist of both compulsory and advanced national courses in languages, math and biology and geology/geography for example and school-specific advanced and applied courses, such as astronomy, photography and geography of developing countries. The general upper secondary education takes 2 to 4 years to complete. At the end of their studies students can take the national matriculation exam.

Linnankosken lukio is situated in the town of Porvoo which is on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Southern Finland. Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland with about 45000 inhabitants. The town in situated about 50 km east of our capital Helsinki. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the centre of Helsinki and the airport by car.
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We at Linnankosken lukio have a long tradition in international cooperation with European schools (Scandinavian countries, Estonia, France, Italy, Greece). Cooperation with Russia is being planned and possible partner schools are being searched. Now, for the first time we are starting cooperation with teachers and students outside Europe in India. We find this opportunity to join the Youth Summit and the chance to discover and experience a completely new, rich and colorful culture a journey not to be missed. We find the YS especially important as the purpose and goal of the meeting is our common worry about the state and future of the environment. We hope and believe this will be the start for a long lasting cooperation.

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Pius X-College, Bladel | View Participants

Pius X logoPius X-College in Bladel is a coeducational comprehensive school in the province of Noord-Brabant, in the south of Holland (between Eindhoven and the Belgian border) for students aged 12-18. Our pre-university level curriculum ( for 12-17/18 year-old students) include Dutch, English, German, French, Latin, Greek, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, ICT, Economics, Business Studies, Geography, History, Social Studies, Philosophy, Music, Arts, Physical Education and Religious Instruction. We offer an optional course in Spanish for talented students as well. In August 2005 Pius X-College started its Bilingual Department for talented and motivated students who are ready for the challenge to be taught in English for at least 50% of the curriculum. Our students and teachers have always been active in international exchanges with partnerschools in e.g. Italy, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Belgium and ICT/ejournal contacts with e.g. Spain, Argentina and Germany.
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Stedelijk College, Eindhoven | View Participants

Stedelijk logoThe Stedelijk College Eindhoven is a school in the north of Eindhoven. Our school excels in the bilingual programme in which students are taught in Dutch and English depending on the subject. This programme was started in 1992 and has rapidly developed due to its international character. A number of our students choose to study abroad after successfully finishing their high school career. We are a modern Dutch school that is focused on international relations. An important part of the curriculum is international awareness. The ever strengthening ties between India and the Netherlands has made it obvious that a tie with a secondary school in India would add greatly to the intercultural awareness of our students.
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Eijkhagen College, Landgraaf | View Participants

Eijkhagen logoEijkhagencollege is a comprehensive school for secondary education in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. The town, situated between Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany, is right in the middle of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Over several years the school has built up a very successful bilingual department in which pupils are taught through both the medium of English and Dutch, depending on the subject. The school has been intensively involved in international affairs on three particular levels. Firstly, in the Euregio, where it has been nurturing several co operational activities with schools just across the border in Germany and secondly, within Europe in general. Secondly, in Europe in general. The school was one of the founding members of the Euro School Net 2000, a European-wide network made up of 12 schools which are all involved in secondary education, and 2 teacher training institutions.

Thirdly, the school is intent on expanding its interests further than Europe. The school offers Chinese, Language and Culture, one of the first schools in the Netherlands to do so. In relation to the setting up of a program with global perspectives, the school would also like to create strong ties with a secondary school in India. This would have a wonderful added value for the pupils who are attending the bilingual section where there is a strong curricular focus on global awareness.
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