The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Participants of Linnankosken Lukio, Porvoo - Finland

Jouko Lehmuskorpi - Contact Teacher
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I'm Jouko Lehmuskorpi, the contact teacher of Linnankoski Upper Secondary School (Linnankosken lukio) to Youth Summit and our school's India cooperation. I teach biology and geology/geography and in a way as a hobby a little bit ICT and pseudo science. It was at your age when I first became interested in India. At that time I had very unrealistic and romantic picture about India. It was based mainly on reading about Gandhi and Krishmamurti and Bhagavadgita. Nowadays the picture is a little bit more realistic and manysided but on the other hand I believe I have learned that India is so very immense a country that I feel totally newbie with it, but maybe more and more curious to learn more about it. I hope and believe that in the Youth Summit we'll have together the opportunity to learn something about each other's cultures and about the sustainable tomorrow and how to make it come true.


Anni Alastalo
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Hello, my name is Anni Alastalo. I`m 18 year old student from Porvoo, Finland.

I am having my last year in Linnankoski Highschool ( Linnankosken lukio ) and next spring I`ll graduate. In my freetime I like to do sports and hang with friends. I'm interested in topical issues like global warming, climate chaos, population explosion, well being of youth, etc... just to name few of the issues that are on my mind. I`m not the only one who is pondering these problems because they are global issues and should be taken seriously.

I think this YS meeting is a great way to try to make some difference by sharing information with people from other side of world, having different culture and history but still the same problems conserning the future of this planet. I´m looking forward to ouer trip to India and I`m feeling optimistic about the possibilities to make a difference and take a step towards better future!


Leila Soinio
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I'm Leila Soinio, a 17-year-old student from Porvoo, Finland. In August I will start my last year in the upper secondary school called Linnankosken lukio. In addition to school I'm working in a little hotel in my hometown.

First I wasn't so excited about this whole ecopark-thing but now I'm wating it impatiently because this is probably going to be like "once in a lifetime" -experince. And the subjects we are dealing with are worldwide and we all have to face them some day so why wouldn't we get prepared now?


Sari Latvala
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I´ve heard that the climate change might also mess with the Gulf Stream which influences mostly the climate of western Europe, but ours too. If the Stream truly changes it´s routes/stops it could mean some sort of a mini ice-age for us. That´s probably the worst case scenario but possible in theory nevertheless. So I guess we need to enjoy the warmth now as much as we can, just in case ;)


Maria Karvonen
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I am 18-year-girl who study her last year in high school.I like books,animals and sport. Biology and history interested me, so that is one reason why I attend this project. I allways want to visit India too and this project is 'one-time-only' opportunity to do it.I want to learn to know India's culture,habits and people too. Because global warming touch everybody and influence all of us, it so important find out different style to help our planet. I hope that I will learn some new style to help, when I visit in India.


Marja Markkanen - Contact Teacher
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Hello, I´m Marja Markkanen, an English and Swedish teacher at Linnankoski Upper Secondary School. I´m also a member of our international cooperation team. I´ve been teaching English for the past twenty years, starting with adult education ending up working with teens which I most enjoy. As a language teacher I appreciate the numerous possibilities offered to our young students to explore the world and use and learn languages in authentic situations and environments. I´m looking forward to a fruitful visit to India which will surely give us all not only an arena to get acquainted with each other and the rich and colourful Indian culture but also make us think of and work for the biodiversity and sustainable future of our planet.


Saara Junttila
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I'm Saara and I'm a 18-year-old student at Linnankosken lukio, Porvoo. I like animals, drawing and photography. I'm really excited about going to India, and the fact that we can do something to help the environment makes it even more exciting. I'm very concerned about climate chaos, and we should definitely do something about it. But I think it's also important to help the environment in other ways, not just in order to stop global warming. And if we can do something, anything, about these things at the YS, I think it's a great opportunity.


Mari Hulkko
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Usually I just smile smile smile and smile. or laugh! And thats me with my dear hobby, photography.
Youth Summit itself sounded so exciting and when you add as exotic word as "India" to it - oh my god!
I don´t have some one big reason to participate YS, its just the whole idea of getting know different cultures and maybe doing my own part of stoppin climate chaos.


Aura Colliander
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I'm Aura and I will soon start my third (and last) year in Linnankosken lukio in Porvoo. I like music, sports, travelling (though I know it's not doing any good for our climate) and sports. I'm looking forward coming to India and the YS because it's necessary to discuss about important issues like climate change, though I don't think 'saving the world' is something we are capable to do by ourselves. But this could be a good start for it!


Heta Ritalahti
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Hi, my name is Heta, I'm almost 18 and I live in Finland, Porvoo.
I'm now in high-school and its my last year there. I like studying history and geography. Im also into music, arts,
basketball etc. sports and travelling.
YS is definitely going to be very intersting experience just because there so many people from different countries
and cultures representing different opinions and point of views. I think its really important that we, youth are aware that
climate is changing cos we are the ones dealing with that in the future.


Emma Lavonen
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Hi!I´m Emma Lavonen. I´m at the third (the last) level in senior high school. Which means that I´ll have the final exams on this
autumn (Iiiiiii!). I´m keen on art and music. Both of them are close to my heart. My occupation will probably (and hopefully) be in the field of one of them. I play violine (for ten years now) and I go artschool where I´m specialized on cheramics. I do yoga, which is one of the reasions why I want to go to India. India has fascinated me for a long time. Most of finns probably aassociate these clishés to India: spicy food, pilgrimages, religiousness, meditation, yoga, Bollywood, incences, big close families, cows walking among streets, caste system, hare krishna, hinduism, etc.
After Donish, Bineeth and Alban visited here I realized that these things really are clishés. Some of them has changed maybe due to globalization, some are still remaining. I´m purely interested in India and I want to see the current, real India. It´s great that I have this opportunity to see the real India and not just the parts that "normal tourists" see. So, what else? I´m a girl with positive attitude and interests in knowing new cultures. I´m looking forward to meet you all!


Jenni Hämäläinen
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I'm 17 years old and I'm starting my second year in high school. I'm interested in music, reading, travelling and sports and I know quite a lot about the climate chaos as I've had two speeches about it at school.
I find the climate chaos really alarming and I think the YS is a good way to make young people to think about it and maybe do something.
I'm interested in participating the YS because there we concretically do something about the CC, and also the fact that the YS takes place in India makes it really interesting :D


Mia Kosonen
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My name is Mia Kosonen and I’m a 16-years -old girl from Finland (I will turn 17 later this year). I’m studying in Linnankoski highschool in Porvoo, but I live in Askola which is a small village close to Porvoo.
I don’t have any particular hobbies but I love reading and jogging. I work in a clotheshop about three times a week and it’s really nice although it’s not gonna be my futurejob. I’m hoping to go to university after highschool and maybe study psychology.
Friends, and family, of course, are really important to me. I just love to sit and talk with my friends about everything that comes in mind. I also enjoy getting to know new people.
I’m really excited to go to India because it’s so different from Finland. I have travelled before but India is a new country for me. I think it’s important that people get to see new cultures and learn from them because it’s such a big world! It’s interesting to get to see India's nature. I hope that the global warming won't spoil India's nature because for example this summer was really rainy in Finland and it was not good.


Kasperi Laine
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My name is Kasperi Laine. I'm 18 years old, and on my first semester in Linnankosken Lukio. For now, I live with my parents and my little brother (6 years old - a real rascal). I also have two older brothers, but they live on their own. In my spare time I like to listen to & write hip hop -music, play the african djembe-drum and do all sorts of thing with my friends, from sports to just hanging out. I also work at a supermarket in addition to studying.

In school I'm especially interested in subjects like philosophy, psychology, social studies and different languages.

The Project immediatly drew my attention when I heard about it, because I think it is our generations responsibility to secure a healthy planet to our children. I'm exited to meet all involved and if not change the world, change the way we see it!

Let's have a good trip!


Laura Hallamäki
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I’m Laura and I’m 18 years old. I like to do handicrafts and to listen music. When I have spare time I hang around with my friends or sit on computer doing something (no I‘m not a nerd). I’m happy person, and I like meeting new people. I also like learning new things and I hope that I’ll learn a lot new in Youth Summit. I wanted to be part of YS because it sounded very exciting, whole new culture, new people and then we do something to climate change also, how great is that?


Hello, I’m Mira Paasonen
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I’m from Finland and I’m sixteen years old. I have birthday on October. I’m living in Porvoo, which is very beautiful and old city at the south coast of Finland. I study now in the Linnankoski High School in Porvoo. I have one little brother and one cat. It’s lovely. I love sport. I have few years played floorball, which is very popular sport here in Finland. I’m also very interested to watch soccer on TV. I also love to read books. It’s just sad because my school and floorball trainings take many hours of my day, so I don’t have much time to read. I like to listen music, but I can’t play any instrument myself. The most I listen finish pop music. I bake often, mostly cakes. It’s relaxing to me.

I like to travel a lot. I’ve travelled many times in Europe and once in Tunis, which is in Africa. In summer I had a trip to Prague in Czech Republic. India is much different country than countries in Europe, that’s the reason why I think it is so interesting. I look forward to get to know more about culture and nature of India.

I hope that this trip will be wonderful. It will be nice to see you all there. Together we can make this trip unforgettable!


Soili Roihio - Contact Teacher
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I am Soili Roihio, a music teacher from Finland. I feel I am privileged that I was born in Finland and that I have had a chance to study in one of the world’s best music universities Sibelius Academy, to graduate from there as a Master of Arts (Music) and to work as a music teacher with students of a very challenging age. I have a wonderful possibility to combine my work and my hobby ?

In addition to music, art, theatre and my work I am very interested in people. I like to observe and try to get to know distinct cultures, environments etc. and try to understand the reasons of people’s behaviour, try to find out that if in various countries, are we different, or are we basically similar to each other. What are the differences and what are the similarities. What are the circumstances that make people to become in different parts of the world unequal to each other?

Music vibrates naturally and in harmony and nature in its natural state does the same. This vibration is healing in many different ways and makes one to feel good if we just let it happen. I know it from my experiences from Finland and in a few weeks I will have the chance to compare with the Indian experiences. Interesting if it affects in the same way…

It has been wonderful to see and feel how the energy flows while the YS has been under construction.
I wait to meet all you folks who help to make the YS to come true and I am glad to have a chance to join the Finnish group and participate in the YS.

I am glad that a dream of my Indian friend comes true!

See you!


Eveliina Passi - Contact Teacher
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My name is Eveliina Passi. I'm a teacher of home economics and health education in the school of Myllyharju in Loviisa, which is a little town in southern Finland by the Gulf of Finland. My pupils are between 12 and 16 years old, both girls and boys together. My school has about 240 pupils.

I'm 43 years old and I have four children (16,14,10 and 2 years). My hobbies are gardening and sports, especially bicycling in summertime and skiing in wintertime. I' m also interested in eco theme and health questions, as well as e-based learning and other cultures.