The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Participants of Pius X-College, Bladel

Jeanne Corsten - Contact Teacher
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I'm Jeanne Corsten, the contact teacher of Pius X-College in The Netherlands for the Youth Summit.
My hobbies are reading novels, swimming and cycling and I must admit I am also addicted to teaching teens!
I enjoy teaching English and during my schoolcareer I have had the opportunity to visit and teach in Sweden, Italy, USA, Poland and Germany.
Pius X-College shares international contacts in various European countries and our school has been welcoming exchange students from all over the world for the last 15 years. We genuinely hope to meet Indian students at our school as well.
In November 2007 I was invited to take part in a very impressive and inspiring study-visit to secondary schools in Panchgani Valley and Mumbai and I am looking forward to meeting students and teachers again.
This visit to India inspired me to start student projects (ICT and penpals) with Panchgani Schools and this Youth Summit is another unique opportunity for the young generation to meet and discuss, explore and learn more about the 21st century's vital environmental issues. Though our worlds are very different from each other we can also share the feeling how universal commitment is when two worlds meet.
I sincerely hope that the Youth Summit will be a life-lesson for all of us: let us all try to be the change!
Mr. Peter Patrao's adagium that “something terrific will happen” can come true!


Mieke van de Pas
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Hi, I’m Mieke van de Pas (from Holland).
I’m 16 years old and I live with my parents and my three brothers in Vessem, a very nice little village around Bladel.
I go to school in Bladel, to the PiusX-college, and I don’t know yet what study or what kind of work I’m going to do after this secondary school. I just know what I don’t want to: I don’t want an office life.
We’ve got a lot of animals and I like them. My hobbies are swimming in our swimming pool, horse riding in the woods near our house, walking and jogging with our dog.
In the weekends I’m working in a restaurant and occasionally I work at a goat farmer. I really like milking and feeding the lamps with a bottle.
I’m not a girl who likes being inside watching TV or playing computer games. No, I prefer the open air.
I’m pleased the holidays are beginning and I’m looking forward to go to India! I’m curious to meet other people in a very different culture and I would like to see Mumbai, because I can’t imagine that in one city could live more people than in the whole Netherlands. And I, as a lover of nature, want to see the rural population living very close to mother earth.
I would also like to find out the Indian climate and I’ve always been interested in nature, flora and fauna and I want to do something to conserve it. So I think I could never get a better chance to do some research for my profile essay.
See you in India !!!


Jules LÓrtye
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Hi there! I’m Jules, also known as the tall guy from Bladel. I’m 15 years old (if you read this after the 15th of july, I’m 16) and eager to try new things in life. That also includes going to India. I’m really excited about doing some real field research for our PWS ( a report, about a subject we can choose ourselfs, we have to make in order to graduate) Anyways, just like Mieke and Mike I’m a student, representing the Pius X College on our journey to India. The following information could make my story a bit boring, but lets just start with it. My hobbies are playing tennis, going out with friends, just the usual stuff I guess. I have doubts ‘bout what to do after finishing high school. Perhaps I will study physics or become a pilot. But that’s still far away, I will figure it out in time! My family exist out of my father, Han, my mother, Anita, my younger brother, Emile, my little sister, Frederique and me. Sometimes a formula for total chaos, but most of the time it results in a happy family. I know you still don’t know much of me, but we’ll catch up sometime soon!


Mike Schilders
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Hi, I’m Mike Schilders. I’m 16 years old. My birthday is on the 23rd of October. I live in Hapert, and it’s near to Bladel. My hobbies are playing soccer and running. I also like to do things with my friends, such as going to the cinema, having a party and other nice things. My favourite subjects at school are biology, chemistry and geography. In the future I want to work in a laboratory and develop medicines or work with viruses and bacteria. I’m really happy that I’m going to India. I have never been outside Europe before, so this is my chance to learn more about another country. I would like to know more about the differences between our countries and to learn more about the environment by doing research. I think it’s going to be a very interesting trip. See you in October.