The Spandan Youth Summit 2008
October 10th - 19th, Mumbai - Panchgani
Participants of St. Peters School, Panchgani

Reetuparna Ganguly - Contact Teacher
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My name is Ms. Reetuparna Ganguly. I have done M.Sc and B.Ed from Mumbai University. I have also stayed and studied in Kolkatta and Bangalore.

I have worked in a day school in Mumbai for five years before joining St. Peter’s School in June 2007. I have taught various age groups and different subjects. In St. Peter’s School, I am teaching Environmental Science for classes 8,9 and 10. I have done 14 eco-camps till now with the Peterites.

I started liking nature from my childhood as for holidays my parents always used to plan for a vacation in the forests to admire nature and wildlife.

I love teaching that is imparting knowledge to the future generations and also be a co-learner. Everyday I learn new things while teaching or interacting with these boys.

There are many differences when we teach in a day school and a residential school. When there were floods in Mumbai , I had to stay with the students the whole night in the school. I realized that time that we the teachers have more responsibilities other than teaching as the students rely a lot on us. In St. Peter’s School, I feel nice when the boys come up to me with their problems and think I am like their mother.

My objective is to make my students a better citizen for tomorrow in all the ways.

My personal view is there is an urgent need to conserve nature and stop the climate change.
My hobbies are singing, listening to music, reading books, glass painting , nib painting and traveling to different places.


Johaan Daruwalla
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As it's said that "Having an experience is the best way to learn in life". Hi, I am Johaan daruwalla studing in std. 9th at St.Peter's School, Panchgani.I am 14 years old and my hobbies are singing, swimming, playing the panio (keyboard). I love listening to indian music and rock too. I too love nature and animals.
I would like to be a part of the youth summit as we all can have a great interaction between each other, understand each other well and make the world a better place to live .


Dheeraj Waran - Class 9
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Hi! my name is Dheeraj Waran. I study at St. Peter's school Panchgani. I live in Ahmednagar, India. I'm 14 years old. My hobbies sre reading, singing, playing the keyboard, playing the guitar,listening to music, dancing and surfing the internet. I am looking forward to this youth summit as I hope to interact with a lot of students and young people. I also look forward to learning many new things and making many new friends.

Jaising Gautam
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I'm Jaising Gautam, aged 15. I am interested in sports – especially soccer and play for my school team in first XI in our school. I equally love horse riding,. I have truly care for our environment which is very important for life on this beautiful planet. At the YS, I want to meet others & see what we can jointly do about climate change


Zane Young
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Hi, I am Zane Young. I am 15 years of age. My hobbies are playing outdoor games,listening to music,etc. I am studying at st. Peters school, panchgani. I would like to be part of this youth summit as we can interact with the youth of other countries and understand them well, become united as one to learn and share our thoughts and opinions about ourselves and our homes. my mind is basically shifted towards making friends and other details to boost my general knowledge. Thank you.


Jarryd Bhambhani, Class 9
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Hi! I'm Jarryd Bhambhani (pronounced as Jared). I am 14 years of age. My hobbies are reading books, playing the guitar and mainly playing games outdoors. My favorite sports are cricket, football and badminton. I dislike games such as chess, checkers etc. I love listening to rock music as well as raps. I am a nature lover and I truly admire animals. I am ready to give in everything if it is for the benefit of the environment and I am for this very reason joining the youth summit since I want to adopt and learn new methods for preserving the environment out of interaction and in the meanwhile make new friends and come to know various information about you and the place you come from. Thank you.


Alban Amikat
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Hey everyone, this is Alban. I am a 16 year old from the city
of Mumbai, who wants to be a part of this congregation of youth.
I just passed out of St. Peter's last June and during my summer break I visited Finland,who decide their own future, call it revolutionising it for the better. My hobbies are reading, dancing and I love listening to good periodical sounds, which we term music. I must say I am pretty lazy too, to do anything basically but as far as the YS.
I guess we can only call ourselves wise if we can digest the fact that the world we live in is borrowed from our successors and not inherited from our predecessors.


Ingrid Fernandes - Contact Teacher

My name is Ingrid Fernandes with a B.Sc, B.Ed attached behind my name. I impart knowledge in Chemistry and Biology to the children in the middle school of St. Peter’s School.

Next to only the parent, the teacher is the second most powerful influence on the mind and character of a child. Realizing this, I took this vocation of being a teacher as a challenge to play that pivotal role in the lives of the sons of tomorrow. And what a challenge it has been.

Since 1990, I have had the privilege of teaching girls and boys in residential school. This has given me that precious opportunity in not just building children academically, but more so emotionally and spiritually.

Bringing comfort when in fear, encouraging them in defeat, building them in the pursuit of moral values and excellence. What greater purpose one can possibly look for than to have the clay of tomorrow’s world right in your hand today?

I share their games, guide their performances on stage and off it and return to them the next day with the hope that my efforts today will surely play a crucial part in shaping tomorrow.
My single objective is in being a blessing to others. In order to achieve this I am always open to learning new things. Ever open to go the extra mile in imparting value to the next generation.

Cooking, interacting with children, listening to Christian music , Planning and organizing events are some of my interest.