International Youth Summit
The Spandan Youth Summit 2009
"A Tri Continental" initiative
9th – 25th October 2009
Participants Linnankosken Lukio, Porvoo - Finland
  Myllharjun Lukio - Finland
  Pääskytie school - Finland
  Hatsala School - Finland
  St. Peter's School - India

The virtual & the real will soon intersect. For months, teachers / educators from South America, Europe & Asia have created the space for students from 5 schools to plan their modest grassroots summit in the backdrop of a globalized awareness of glacial & financial meltdown with a pandemic thrown in.

Hundreds of email exchanges and perhaps a thousand facebook messages / chats have precipitated an exciting program, anchored in diverse cultural / learning experiences, the focus / essence will be gleaned through the ‘spectacles’ of climate change and its implications for future sustainability.

The challenge of a student driven process aimed at providing diverse cultural learning experiences was shouldered by the host country, India: students from St.Peters School, Panchgani.

The Peterites, under the guidance of their young teacher, Craig Reeves, selected 4 locales in three Indian States. Urban, metropolitan Mumbai and rural mountainous Panchgani in Maharashtra, Indore in the heartland of Madhya Pradesh and the Bondla forest, a wild life sanctuary in Goa.

The planning / logistics / budgeting / train reservation and a host of other details were tackled by the Peterites. Meanwhile, the Finnish students - some of the finest young thinkers on the planet - under the guidance of their teacher, Jouko Lehimouskorpi, evolved the structure and proceedings of the Summit based on the program devised by the Peterites. Finnish students worked in sometimes 2-4 jobs to pay for their travel, confident that their peers in India would make this experience memorable.

In trying to accommodate a packed itenary on a wafer-thin budget caused many frustrating and anxious moments. This proved to be a dynamo to generate innovative scouting for scarce resources with parental help. Arsh Madan’s father provided three large, unfurnished apartments in expensive Mumbai. Jai Singh Gautam and Aman Patel’s parents sponsored the cost of boarding and lodging in Madhya Pradesh. Leander Pinto’s parents organized a great program in Goa and the trustees and headmaster of St.Peters School generously offered their resources including the use of their ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Department.

Headmaster Pentti Pirhonen through Euneos Corporation provided a free E-Journal digital platform with a wonderful set of web tools to secure the documentation.

Peruvians students from a bilingual IB college in Lima, Peru were late to jump in, yet bravely, waded through unchartered waters to make it to the YS, including their first stopover at Finland! The first intersection of the virtual and real met on 4th October in Porvoo – an hour’s drive from the Finnish capital of Helsinki. This was made possible by the driving appeals from Chancellor Pilar Deza of Casurinas College & his International Coordinator Monica Crespo.

Incredible teamwork has magically synched at many different levels – Educational, Administrative, Boards of Institutions, Headmasters, Parents, Teachers, including Finnish teachers with links to their National Boards of Education, Students and Sponsors. All have generously given their valuable time, effort and resources to propel this pioneering, grassroot initiative of Youth.

In the midst of Climate Chaos, securing the Biosphere of tomorrow compels Youth of today to examine lifestyles and choices that will impact on future sustainability.

Having a ringside view of an amazing migration of thoughts, peaking via the Internet & coalescing into a Summit is a treat.