The Spandan Youth Summit 2009
"A Tri Continental" initiative
9th – 25th October 2009
Participants of Hatsala School - Finland

    Hei from Kuopio, Kaavi

    I am shy biology and geographyteacher Peter mentioned in his letter. I come from countryside 55 km from nearest town ,Kuopio. My school is secondaryschool and we are involved to some international project already but this is something speciall and I look forward to see you all! I already know Jouko(he is just like you wrote "guru" also in our Ugandaproject and Annika and I have been teaching one year together in Kuopio and she is so nice!!

    I don´t have any pupils travelling with me but I will take as many as you want to give me to my own ones. (my sons are about the same age so I little know about the soulscenery of that age young)Environment is to me a very important issue as I have been taught biology and geography more than 20 years.

    I am so sy that I don´t put yet my picture here but I will.

    Many loving greetings from Irmeli