The Spandan Youth Summit 2009
"A Tri Continental" initiative
9th – 25th October 2009
Participants of Linnankosken Lukio, Porvoo - Finland
    I'm 16 years old (17 in July) and I live in the countryside, 20 kilometers from Porvoo, with my parents, two brothers and my sister. I do snowboarding and jogging as my hobbies and I also love hanging with my friends and traveling. Now on my summer holidays I have a summerjob and in July I will also join an international camp in Dresden, Germany. I'm really exited to explore the world and different kind of cultures and that's why I'd love to see India.
    My name is Hanna Silfver and I’m 17 years old. I’m interested in different kind of cultures, voluntary work and nature. My hobbies are downhill skiing, riding and free fire department. My personality is kind and forgiving. My favourite school subjects in high school are health education and psychology. My dream is to be a home economics teacher. I’m keen to develop my multi-cultural skills, and through my experiences I would use my knowledge in future studyings. I’m very excited to come to India, and I hope we all have great time together in August.
    Hi! I am Kasperi Laine, and on my 19th journey around the sun. I am a student from Finland. I like to write my own lyrics - I love hip hop music! I do other things too like play the african Djembe-drum, try to parkour and exercise and a bit of yoga too. In my school, I am now in charge of our school's Green Team, which is making long-lasting changes to our school's way of working. I am also a member of our hometown's (Porvoo, Finland) Board of Education and a vice-member of the municipal council. This is now my second Youth Summit - this time I will try to make sure we all have loads of fun and that the workload will be done too. Exited to meet all of you guys (girls are guys too!) - This is going to be one amazing trip!
    My name is Miro Arola. I'm 17 years old, and I would really like to be part of this Youth Summit '09 ...thing. It's been my dream to travel to India, and I think this would be a very cool chance to go there with friends. I'm very positive person. I like to hang out with my friends and do a lot of cool stuff with them. I play ice-hockey and that's the other thing I love, beside my friends.
    As a lively soon to be 17 year old girl my hobbies are artschool and Aikido. Aikido is a martial art/self defense and it plays a big role in my life. Art school is allso close to my hart and I have spent allready 10 wonderfull years with it. Art is a big part of my life and I have allways been an artistic person and I love to create something beautiful with my hands. Sports are important to me and I'm very active. I allso like singing and reading a good book. 

    I have a normal family of four.Me, my parents and my 19 year old brother. I have much friends and so little time to be with them. I have few good friends and with them I'm allways relaxed. My best friend is allso coming to this trip. 

    Sometimes I like school and sometimes not but that is life. I'm quite good at school and my favourite subjects are history, psychology, english and russia. And of course art and music. It's so hard to remember what I'm studying when it's summer vacation:D I speak finnish, english, swedish, russia, little spanish and I understand japanese but not so well. 

    Nature has allways been important to me and when I was a child I was allways playing in the forests. It hasn't changed and I still like being in the woods and seeing animals. I'm worried about the nature and I think that men are using the our mother earth wrong. I love travelling and meeting new people. 

    I'm a happy person. I like to see people laughing and usually they are laughing at me. I'm quite relaxed and social. Alltough sometimes I'm pretty shy and don't want to stand out too much but I guess all finish people are like that. I make friends quite easily and talk to everyone and complete strangers, but I often need a trigger so that I can show my real self with people. That's why it's good that my friend is coming along, with her I'm relaxed and happy. I'm open to everything and I have no prejudgments. I think that everyone has their own life, live and let others live. A while a new friend thaught me an important lesson which I will never forget. "Life is life". And he allso said that life is good and that we should live today, not yestarday or tomorrow. We don't know what will happen tomorrow and we cannot return to the past so we have to live today. And that is my motto. That is how I live. I guess it tells something about me. But like all finish people, I too have a bit of a temper and it shows it self sometimes. But its just normal to get angry sometimes. I'm protective of my friends and if somebody is bullying them, I will get angry. I guess I'm bit of a bodyguard. But I believe that everything that happens has it's reasons and that is just life. 

    I still don't know what to expect from this journey. I believe that it will be full of adventures and that it will be a great memory. I have friends who were there last year and I 'm expecting this trip whit excitement and great intrest. I hope that we can make some influence on important things and my personal wish is that we could see a lot of the indian nature and meet the people.

    My name is Sampo Suuronen, I’m energy full young man from Porvoo, Finland. I’m 16-year-old high-school student, I live with my parents ( mom and dad ) and with my sister. I also have a brother but at the moment he is living in Spain.

    I have always wanted to visit India and I think the experience will be amazing. I'm social person with open attitude. I am ready to work hard on this project.


    I'm Tia, 17, I like watching movies, reading books e.g. fantacy, I like dancing(my hobbie) and other sports. I also like photographing.

    I'm usually quite busy with jobs and meetings. For example this summer (holidays) I have 4 jobs (:

    I live with my mom and stepfather in a detached house near sea. I was a host to a student of yours, Aman. I really hope he had fun and got good memories from Finland.

    Hey, I’m Mira Paasonen and I’m 17 years old, but I’ll turn 18 during our India trip. I live in Porvoo and this is my last year in Linnankosken lukio. My hobbies are yoga and running, but sometimes I’m too lazy to do anything at all. I love travelling and this will be my second time in India, I was in Youth Summit last year too and it was great. I’m waiting to see how much things and places have changed there. I like to get to know new people so I’m quite excited to get back to India. See you there!

    Hi, This is Sanna Alapere. One of Joukos students.. :)

    I live in Epoo, near Porvoo. I like animals, runnig, outdoor life, motor vehicles, finnish rap music, and I have done some kick boxing and yoga.. I love Finnland, but I am really excited about India and I'm looking forward the Youth Summit camp... :)

    I am a 17 year old, open-minded, active and social girl. I live next to Porvoo in a village called Askola, but prefer spending my free time in the town with friends. I'm starting my third year at Linnankosken lukio and after that I will study in an university or travell all around the world, lol. I love travelling and getting to know new people, cultures and languages. I also like sports, though I've been a bit lazy after I quitted playing football an year ago.. I like to chill, but prefer having a lot of activities and things going on... I like talking.. Maybe too much sometimes.. And thinking too. I'm excited to come to India.

    Hi! My name is Emilia Saario and I'm 16 years old. I live with my family in Porvoo. In my family is four (and half) person: me, my mum, my dad and my little brother (and that "half" person is our dog: Teppu:D) 

    My hobbies? Hmm...just now I dance four times per week and when I got freetime I draw, photograph, hanging out with my friends and walking in nature.

    Still I'm going to start (maybe) a new hobby: Taido. It is like defencing/fighting sport.

    I love to speak english and other cultures. I wanna know more and more and more...about them:) That's why I wanna come to India and know more about your's culture. I love animals and nature, so I wanna see your's forests, rivers, sky, fields... and so on.

    My dream is that someday I could move to abroad (study, working or something:) )


    Hello! My name is Milana. I live in Finland, Porvoo with my mother Eija and my cat Zelda (she is gray with a white stomach and a cute meow). I have lived in England for six years so I can speak english very well.

    My hobbies include karate, jujitsu and hanging out with my friends. As you see I like martial arts - all things Japanese appeal to me. My free time i usually spend either in town with my friends, home on the computer or reading. I love fantacy books and Japanese comics like Naruto, Bleach and Vampire Knight.

    Music is also very close to my heart. I have many favourite bands but here are a few; Slipknot, Sonata Arctica, The Prodigy, Era, Nightwish Billy Talent, Lamb of God, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Dope Stars, Deathstars, Infected Mushroom..... 

    My dream is to travel around the world and see different cultures and countries, different people and lifestyles. I hope to understand the world more after this India trip. I think the world is too big and interesting to stay in one place your whole life.

    Can't wait to see you all !

    Hey, I am Mikko Suksi and i am gardener. I think that we have enough time to speak more in india.

    I'm Jaakko Talvio, 16 year-old youngster from Porvoo. My family contains Mum, Dad, two little brothers and a little sister. I'll begin my second semester in Linnankoski high school after three weeks. In school, my favorite subjects are languages (English, Swedish and France), history and geography. In my spare time I like to play ice-hockey, listen all kinds of music and play drums, just for example.

    I'm extremely exciting about this project! I hope that I will learn a lot of new things about environment and different cultures. I think that these kinds of events provide us important knowledge that we should share forward. Protecting environment is a global challenge so I think discussing with people from completely different cultures will be very helpful. This is propably an "once in a lifetime"- opportunity for many of us and I will do my best to make it unforgettable!


    I'm from countryside but very much more from country than Mira, because she lives in Porvoo, but I live in Pornainen. It is a very little "town" if it can call a town, there are 5000 people in Pornainen and it is 20 km from porvoo to south. So, I live there middle of forests and arable lands and here is now very green and beautiful. I couldn't think that I never could live in a big city, for example in Helsinki. I love forests and the nature! 
    I had to cancel the trip last year because I had some other personal things what I had to do in the same days and my parents said that I must stay home because i had to handel those things then. I was very sorry about it then.

    Sorry that I haven't write to you, I have been on a kind of camp 3 weeks so I didn't have possibilities to log in the internet.

    But here comes my "story" about myself

    Hi! I'm Minna, almost 18 years old ( my birthday is in August) girl from Linnankosken lukio high school. I live in Pornainen which is a very small community council near Porvoo ( ~ 20 km). I like nature, I live in the middle of forests and fields and on the river side.
    I like to meet new people and I think I am a positiv person with good sens of humor. My favourite subject in school is psychology and my hobbies on my free time are acting and reading. I love to act in different kind of plays and I also like to watch all kind of movies. I also like different kind of books and I read a lot, and I suppose that it is very interesting to watch movies that I have before it read as a book.


Jouko Lehmuskorpi - Contact Teacher
view Jouko's YS report

I'm Jouko Lehmuskorpi, the contact teacher of Linnankoski Upper Secondary School (Linnankosken lukio) to Youth Summit and our school's India cooperation. I teach biology and geology/geography and in a way as a hobby a little bit ICT and pseudo science. It was at your age when I first became interested in India. At that time I had very unrealistic and romantic picture about India. It was based mainly on reading about Gandhi and Krishmamurti and Bhagavadgita. Nowadays the picture is a little bit more realistic and manysided but on the other hand I believe I have learned that India is so very immense a country that I feel totally newbie with it, but maybe more and more curious to learn more about it. I hope and believe that in the Youth Summit we'll have together the opportunity to learn something about each other's cultures and about the sustainable tomorrow and how to make it come true.