The Spandan Youth Summit 2009
"A Tri Continental" initiative
9th – 25th October 2009
Participants of Pääskytie school - Finland

    My name is Sara Räty and I'm 15 years old and I study in class 9 at Pääskytie school. My hobbies are football and floorball. I also like to hang around with my friends. I love listening to music, especially reggae and I'm a big fan of the Finnish artist Raappana. I love to travel and I have never been to India so I think it's going to be an amazing experience. I have one little sister called Kirsikka (cherry in English) and she's 11 years old. I also have also a dog called Chili. I like to get to know other people and get new friends. India is a whole new culture for me and I would love to get to know it.


    My name is Meeri Toivonen and I am 14 years old ( my birthday is September 2 ) and I study in class 9 in Pääskytie school. I'm in the same class as Sara. My hobby is dancing 24/7. I like to listen to music for example Metallica. Movies are my passion and I and also enjoy reading. I really love the twilight-saga!!! I have been to India twice. In the first time I was there 3 months and the second time just 1 and a half week. I'm really excited to get to know other people. I hope this trip would be really great.


    Hey !! It's me Sushmita but people call me Sushmi. I'm 15. I live in Porvoo nearby our school. About my hobbies... I love sports but I'm very passionate about football. I'm also very adventerous. I love travelling to many places and learning new things. Originally I'm from Nepal. There are 5 members in my family. We all are very sporty. As being from Nepal I'm really very excited about visiting the neighboring country India and learning more about the culture and system over there.


    Hi there! As a teacher of English and a member of Pääskytie school international cooperation team I was elected to join the Youth Summit 2009. Being able to do that makes me feel fortunate and privileged. Foreign cultures and interesting people keep driving me to different corners of the world, which can be confusing since the concern for our planet and the strain we put on it tends to give me sleepless nights. To this end spending a fortnight with people aspiring to save it, soothes my guilty conscience of destroying another couple of meters of ozone layer when taking the flight there and back. When pondering upon whether to go or not, the decision was easy to make when offered the opportunity to take three amazing girls with me, even though it meant leaving two amazing little boys behind for the longest time they've ever been away from their mother. The girls and I can't wait for the trip and meeting you all. Experiencing India is going to be huge for us. It is going to be something we will always cherish. Looking forward to meeting you all! With warmest regards, Annika Ruohonen