Rural Enhancement Projects


Spandan Eco Foundation (SEF) supports promising athletes from the Mandhardevi area in Satara District of Maharashtra. There are also initiatives in the pipeline, to cater to rural education with specific emphasis on the girl child. This will also be complemented with initiatives whereby the unemployed can be taught skills for income generation.

Under the athletics program, currently there are 35 youngsters in the age group of 12-22 years who have been selected for support. Under this program, we have Janabai Hirve and Kalidas Hirve who performed outstandingly at both the state and national level events.

Support provided by SEF includes sports gear, training equipment and supplementary diet. In addition, transportation from their training grounds and school is provided. Additionally transportation, board and lodge are also provided for athletes who travel to state and national level competitions.

The role of Mr. Rajguru Kochale who is their coach at Mandhardevi is most crucial to making this initiative a success. Their current ground which holds a 200 meter track, is owned by Mr. Kochale and is provided free of cost for training purposes.

Successfully achieving its mission of providing sports training to underprivileged children, SEF plans to go beyond sports to achieve goals in health, education, gender equality and vocational training.